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DataTag - Ride Offer

Protect your pride and joy with Datatag's UV PRO Cycle System - Aberdovey rider offer just £20 (inc.p+p)!

Bike interest is at its highest for years - unfortunately that means so is bike theft! Over 500,000 cycles are reported stolen each year and whilst this figure is bad enough it's not the whole picture. Why? Because over half of all cycles stolen are from homes, a crime often listed as a burglary, and as such many more cycle thefts remain 'hidden' from the stats. Add to this the increasing trend of breaking down high end bikes to sell on components and protecting your entire bike, and not just the frame, is now vital in the fight against crime. 

This is where DATATAG, security experts already trusted to provide the technology behind many official industry schemes come in.

Datatag's UV "Stealth" PRO system offers a multi-layered approach allowing owners to mark not just frames but also valuable (but unidentifiable!) components like forks, wheels, brake levers/calipers, derailleurs and bars providing complete protection - something unique to the market. 

The Datatag system combines security marking with probably the most comprehensive database of its kind in the market today. And Datatag works with the Police providing database access 24/7 as well as ongoing technical training. 

To protect your cycle for life for a one off cost and take advantage of this great discount offer simply Click Here to visit the website and use CODE: WARide18*

UV PRO System contents: 

  • Tamper Evident Warning Label with unique security number and QR code 
  • Stencils & UV Etch Fluid
  • Unique Datadots® in UV reactive adhesive
  • Component marking warning Label


* offer code valid for all riders of Wolverhampton to Aberdovey Ride 2018 until 30th June 2018.