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2022 Official Charities

I did my first ride in 2016 as part of my 50th birthday charity fundraising and on this occasion it was for Pilgrim Bandits.

I was told it wasn’t that hilly and once you had got out of Newtown it was flat – Gullible me I believed them! Oh how I swore on the ride into Aberdovey. Blooming hills round every corner.

Now after having done it 3 times and booked in for number 4 It does feel great to ride up the seafront hearing the cow bells and the cheers from the pub! Oh, and I still hate hills.

David Wild

Coming back into cycling in my late 40’s, the ABR was something which I always wanted to take part in and did so for the first time in 2011 and have participated every year since (albeit as support crew in 2019).

My first experience was that this event was supremely well organised, highly efficient and the whole experience rekindled my interest in cycling big time. This led me to take part in numerous other cyclo-sportives around the UK, including London-Paris/Newcastle-London 24 hour events, but none of these events (although good in themselves), could ultimately match the passion and devotion of ABR organisation.

Ultimately my greatest challenge arose in 2016 when as part of a group of 4 (me being by far the eldest at 56), successfully completed JOGLE in 7 days, which our event raised £10,000 for Birmingham Childrens’ Hospital, Compton Care & Diabetes UK in the process.

What I achieved is ultimately due to the ABR in the first place, as participation in this inspired me to encourage others in participating in similar fund raising events, so the ABR is something that I feel is close to my heart and something which I will always continue to support as long as I’m able to and all thanks to a dedicated band of people who unstintingly give much of their free time to manage this event every year and with the support of 100’s of cyclists – long may they continue to do so!

Chris Hutchings

The Dovey ride – challenging yet utterly rewarding. This isn’t just your average velothon – you can tell its been organised for cyclists, by cyclists. The organisation, the support, the back up, the safety crews and that finish in Aberdovey, when the whole town come out to cheer you on! An unmissable event for any true cyclist.

Jonothan Holden

In 2020 I will return for the Aberdovey Charity bike ride for a second time. It’s best described as a long ride to the pub with friends! Everyone is so friendly, so welcoming and supportive. You won’t regret taking part, and I guarantee you will go back for more!!

Christian TOon

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Aberdovey Bike Ride is an annual charity bike ride to raise funds for local charities. We have been operating since 1993 and have provided a charity bike ride each year except 2020/21 due to Covid restrictions. Since 2014 we have also run a few Challenge Rides leading up to the main ride which gives the more experienced riders an extended challenge.

We are proud to say 100% of all donations reaches the charities, all operating costs are from entry fees and all organisers & support crew provide their time free of charge.

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donations go straight to charities after fees taken as agreed by charities.

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